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THE BRITISH CLUB COLOMBIA is a company focused on all types of services involving English in COLOMBIA. J. Mackenzie, its founder, has 25 years´ experience teaching English in Colombia. He comes from a Scottish family and was raised end educated at the prestigious  King´s College in Madrid, Spain, where he started studying at the age of 6 and lived in its boarding school for 10 years. He has lived in Colombia since 1986 and is currently 48 years old.

Mr. Mackenzie worked for many English institutes and companies in Bogotá dealing with all kinds of flaws in the teaching of English in Colombia where according to specialists and studies the level of English is very low. He is also an English-Spanish translator and interpreter. In 2011 he decides to become independent and starts to create different specific syllabi for everyone´s needs.

Apart from having lived in Spain he also lived in the U.S. in cities such as Washington D.C., Miami and Orlando and has travelled to over 25 countries around the world. Besides teaching English he is also a musician and teaches chess to children in his free time.

Being responsible, polite, punctual and honest he has contributed to all students that have trusted his work, from top executives in multinational companies to students and professors from various universities.

Immersion courses in La Vega (Cundinamarca)

Hotel "Green Ecológico" - Km.4.5 La Vega - Sasaima

Si estás interesado en el curso de inmersión en el Hotel "Green Ecológico" puedes ver los temas que enseñamos en el video en la parte inferior del nivel básico y conocer toda la información en nuestra página de Inmersión en Inglés

Tenemos programas de inmersiones individuales para niveles básico - intermedio - avanzado o de requerimientos especiales:

presentaciones a nivel empresarial, seminarios en inglés, viajes al extranjero, entrevistas en inglés y más!

"Un maestro es una brújula que activa los imanes de la curiosidad, el conocimiento y la sabiduría en los alumnos."

(Ever Garrison)

Entrenamiento de 24 horas para IELTS - TOEFL - MET (Michigan) - TOEIC - CEPT y otros.
           Entrenamiento de 6 horas para entrevistas en inglés en multinacionales
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